The AX-COAST seminar in Iceland represents a pivotal moment in the collaborative efforts to enhance coastal management decision-making. Supported by the Blue Growth Programme of the EEA Grants, this workshop brings together a diverse array of stakeholders, including the Donor State partner Vatnaskil from Iceland, independent consultant Dr. Leo van Rijn from the Netherlands, and Beneficiary State partners from Portugal: R5e Consulting Engineers, R5m Marine Solutions, and the University of Aveiro.

With a focus on improving cost-benefit analysis to bolster planning and protection for coastal communities, the workshop serves as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Its objective is clear: to facilitate an exchange of ideas and experiences between the AX-COAST team and a select group of leading Icelandic experts in coastal planning, management, and environmental protection.

Presentations during the half-day seminar will offer insights into current and future challenges facing coastal management. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, attendees will engage in discussions aimed at identifying innovative solutions to these challenges. Moreover, the workshop aims to foster continued knowledge transfer between Donor and Beneficiary States, laying the groundwork for potential synergies that could pave the way for effective solutions to future coastal management challenges.

A special thanks to speakers and organization:

  • Eric Myer
  • Sveinn Óli Pálmarsson
  • Sigurður Sigurðarson
  • Bryndís Tryggvadóttir
  • Renan Menezes
  • Carlos Coelho
  • Leo Van Rijn
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