On the 19th of January, the AX-COAST Workshop 1 took place at Deltares facilities in the Netherlands, marking a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between the Netherlands and Portugal in the field of coastal management. The primary objectives of the workshop were to disseminate information about the AX-COAST project and facilitate the exchange of knowledge on effective coastal management strategies.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Deltares and its exceptional team for hosting the event and delivering insightful content. Their hospitality played a crucial role in making the workshop a success.

A special acknowledgment goes to the esteemed speakers and organizers who contributed to the event:

  • Bas Huisman
  • Dano Roelvink
  • Matthieu de Schipper
  • Bart van Westen
  • Celso Aleixo Pinto
  • Márcia Lima
  • Carlos Coelho
  • Jebbe Van Der Werf
  • Pieter Koen Tonnon
  • Kathelijne Wijnberg
  • Leo Van Rijn

We also express our gratitude to collaborating organizations such as Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers, Universidade de Aveiro, EEA and Norway Grants, and EEA Grants Portugal. Their involvement underscores the significance of partnerships in addressing complex challenges.

In conclusion, the AX-COAST Workshop 1 was a fruitful gathering that fostered collaboration, knowledge exchange, and strengthened ties between participating countries and organizations. We look forward to building on this momentum for future initiatives.

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