University of Aveiro

At the University of Aveiro (RISCO research unit and Department of Civil Engineering), the main objective within the project AX-COAST is the development of a cross-shore feature to improve the performance of COAST, a Coastal Optimization Assessment Tool, which considers a cost benefit evaluation of coastal erosion mitigation measures, in medium to long-term perspectives.

University of Aveiro will also collaborate on the definition of intervention scenarios, modelling them and perform sensitivity assessment to model parameters. This task considers the calibration of a reference scenario of non-intervention and the projection of the shoreline position for a period of 20 years for this reference scenario. Adding to the previous, other scenarios will be defined, focused on the feature’s improvements proposed in the project and shoreline projections in a 20 years time horizon will be performed. Finally, a sensitivity analysis will be developed, to assess which input data is relevant for COAST and how the quality of the data affects the results.

Carlos Coelho

Assistant Professor with Habilitation in the Civil Engineering Department of the Aveiro University. He is responsible for several Curricular Units in the area of Hydraulics. He is the President of the Board of the Portuguese Association for Water Resources and he was the President of the Specialized Commission for Coastal and Marine Zones of the Portuguese Association for Water Resources, between 2018 and 2021. He is one of the Portuguese delegates at PIANC – The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure. Carlos Coelho was a member of the Commission that followed the Littoral Working Group and also collaborates on consultancy work, developing coastal management plans and sediment dynamics and hydrologic studies.

Márcia Lima

Researcher at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Aveiro and an Assistant Professor at the Universidade Lusófona of Porto: She represents the Portuguese young professionals at PIANC – The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, she is a consultant at R5m Marine Solutions, also taking part on the Specialized Committee for Coastal and Marine Zones of the Portuguese Association for Water Resources. She is also a member of the board of the Aveiro District Delegation of the Council of Engineers and finally, she was the developer of COAST model, during her PhD work.

Frederico Romão

Researcher in the AX-COAST project, Frederico has a Master in Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. During his thesis work, he has applied the X‑Beach cross-shore numerical model to project the evolution tendency of an artificial nourishment in storm conditions. During this work, he has performed some sensitive tests to different model parameters.

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